What is love? Little hearts.

We have recently visited one more animal shelter. It was such a good place, because people there tried to do their best to help animals. Miau Gym tried to help them, too, so one more Miau Gym goes to "Ulubele" animal shelter.

If one day you will want to take a cat or dog at home, you can be sure - all the pets there are full of love to you.

Present to an animal shelter

Today we have made something really good. Miau Gym was presented to animal shelter in Riga called zoohotel.lv. Unfortunately, sometimes it happens, that only food dosing can save your pets life. We believe that this Miau Gym will not only save our little lovely hearts, but will make them a little bit happier, because they are born to hunt for food. We wish zoohotel.lv all the best!

P.S. even our presented Miau Gym devices have a unique serial numbers, technical support and guarantee.

Riga exhibition 2nd day

Once again, a lot of people were surprised about Miau Gym perfect quality. Today our customers got special one-day exhibition offer. It was a perfect day to our lovely pets and their owners. All the customers got our first-priority e-mail support and individual purchase serial number. It is a quality standard for every our customer!

See you soon in the next exhibition!

With love to your pets, Miau Gym.

Riga exhibition 1st day

Today, 17.09 we took part in the exhibition in Riga, Latvia Skonto hall.

There were a lot of smiling people near our table. How could anyone not just look at MiauGym and not smile? :) Children were showing their parents the way to use cat gym. We were also allowed to make a present to our cat favorite. Every participant was good, bum MiauGym got only one of them.

Exhausted, but happy we are preparing for the second exhibition day.

Wellcome home

The new website is ready to give you all the information about Miau Gym.We are opened for convenient on-line shopping. Detalized information about the produkt and it's parts. Find out what are the benifits of this fantastic device.

So, you can watch the Miau Gym video, make a purchase or contact us. Everything like on the regular website.

Have a nice day!